Getting rid of the pesky flea!

The most common cause of itching, including scratching and biting the rump area, tail and back legs, in dogs and cats is the flea. Flea control can be a tough battle due to the flea life cycle but when approached from multiple angles you can win the war over the pesky flea. Effective flea control treatment incorporates treatment of the animal AND the environment.

STEP 1: Treat the pet

The best way to protect against fleas is prevention. Flea protection is now available in both topical and oral flea products. We have products in stock at our clinic that are affordable and easy to apply and aminister. It is important that ALL animals in the household be treated when trying to eradicate the fleas.

STEP 2: Treat the environment

After treating every pet in the house, it’s time to move on to the house itself. This is often the toughest part. The use of indoor and outdoor insecticides is recommended. Important to note when using interior insecticides or 'flea bombs' that people AND pets are removed from the house and that you follow each product's individual instructions and warnings.

Once your living spaces are treated (this can also be done professionally), open all the windows and let your house breathe. Vacuum all floor surfaces, especially pet bedding and empty the contents of the bag or container into a trash bag outside, then immediately dispose of this bag. Flea eggs can hatch in your vacuum cleaner, starting the life cycle all over again. It is also recommended to wash pet bedding and clothing. Repeat this process starting at the beginning after three weeks to fully resolve your situation, remember that one repeat might not be enough if fleas are being re-introduced from other external environments.