Have you organised accommodation for your cat this holiday season?

The holiday season is just around the corner and it’s time to make plans. Our Christmas cattery is booking up fast with only a few spaces left for medicated cats and limited space for non-medicated cats.

As a veterinary clinic we believe that Upper Hutt Veterinary Hospital is the best place for your furry friend to board while you are away, especially if they require medication or have any current medical conditions. The veterinary care area of our cattery is run by our qualified veterinary nurses. Medications and special treatments are administered to each guest as required and records of your cat’s day-to-day habits whilst here are taken. Should the veterinary nurse ascertain that your pet requires any medical attention or just a quick check over one of our Veterinarians are never far away.

At our cattery each cat has their own space. Individually housing cats in spacious accommodation is essential for accurately monitoring each cat’s day-to-day habits, picking up on any issues and avoiding inter-cat aggression and isolating behaviours. As cats exercise isometrically (by stretching) our housing provides them with ample room to move. If you wish to board multiple cats with us, up to two cats may board in the same standard accommodation if they get along well.

Our cattery is nice and warm with lots of natural light. As our team are obvious animal lovers, cuddles are plentiful in our cattery with each cat getting one-on-one attention.

The cats in our cattery are fed twice daily, unless requested otherwise by the owners. The food used is Hill's Optimal Care dry kibble which is a small sized kibble that is highly palatable and nutritious.

Water is refreshed daily and topped up as needed to ensure it is available 24/7 to your cat. If your pet requires a particular or prescription diet, this will need to be provided in a quantity sufficient for your pet’s visit.

Does your cat need dental therapy, grooming or blood work? We can normally get anything vet related done during their stay with us, saving you the trip and effort later and any after care can be done by our capable veterinary nurses. This is subject to availability. Ensure to book this in when you make your cattery booking.

Don’t forget to get your pet’s vaccinations up to date before they stay with us. To make a booking for the cattery or any other service we provide please call one of our friendly team on (04) 528 4788.